Assignments that we have handled in the Sugar industry is basically to identify the controls at the various processes of the company and to design the narratives of the various processes. These assignments helped the company to identify the various process controls and gaps therein, while doing this activity an additional benefit was also soft in terms of legal compliance under section 134 of Companies Act 2013 for listed companies.

Context & Challenges

Company wanted to cover following key challenges and legal compliance requirements of Companies Act 2013 to be completed,
  • Process Review: Management of the company felt that there current business processes and applications used are not used in optimum manner and there are gaps to be identified and filled.
  • Compliance Requirements to be fulfilled: As per section 134 of Companies Act 2013, all listed companies were required to get their Board of Director’s certify that the financial operational controls are existing, adequate and operating effectively. The management wanted an expert to support them in creating documenting and implementation of these controls.