Internal Audit

Companies are more intent than ever on maximizing their internal control system, risk management and corporate governance processes, in an environment of increasing emphasis on corporate accountability, accurate and transparent financial reporting, and ethical business practices. One of the mechanisms to achieve this is to begin simplifying the existing silos of governance and risk management activity as well as the source and extent of assurance provided.

Internal audit helps organisations achieve their objectives by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes
Outsourcing of IA

Outsourcing of IA

When you should Outsource the Internal Audit?

  • Business is too small yet assurance is required

  • If you lack IA capacity to perform certain regular and/or special tasks

  • Need specialized knowledge and skills to carry out sophisticated audits

  • You operate across geographies and required specific knowledge of the local conditions to carry out audits
  • How we can help?

    How we can help?

    Outcome provides full outsourcing services, enabling companies to focus on the core business, or partial outsourcing (cosourcing), supporting the existing internal audit function by a team of experienced Outcome specialists

  • Outsourcing Services: Outcome’s team can take over full responsibility for an organization’s entire internal audit function at the direction of the board, audit committee and/or senior management. Such a model reduces operating costs and increases profit improvement opportunities.
  • Co-sourcing Services support the existing internal audit function through the use of Outcome professionals with specialized skill sets, industry knowledge, needed on demand. These engagements may be undertaken on a one-off or on a continuing basis.

  • Relation Between Internal Audit & IFC