Smart Accounting

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One of the most basic MIS or recondition which is required in every organization is Bank Reconciliation, but sadly most of the organizations either don’t do it correctly or waste too much of time on getting it done manually, so let me explain how currently...

Importance of Food Costing

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With costs of ingredients/ input materials rising and customers eyeing for value for money, it is important that prices of menus are affordable, still profitable. One of the greatest weapons against profit/loss is to know your food...

How Accounting is changing on Cloud-Based Tools

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How Accounting is changing on Cloud-Based Tools The new tools in the market are changing the way the accounting industry is getting shaped and is also providing fresh...

Healthcare Internal Audit – Risk & Controls

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Overview The Healthcare continues to be a high-growth sector across the globe. There is a continuity of challenges, emergence of new risks and a host of complicated regulatory compliances. Recent market studies demonstrate that health care reforms have already changed the way the business is being done, and will have...

Outcome ERP Services

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